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Natural Law And Ethics Communication

Candles In The dark:
Jimmy in taiwan
Candles In The dark: Tina in mexico
Candles In The dark: Joe in taiwan

Body language reading

Agnieska Evenson

Own Your Body Language 

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Agnieszka Evenson

Sovereign Body Language


There is no more important task in this life than making your mind and body congruent. It helps you feel well seated within yourself, helps you to communicate clearly with others and be generally unfuckwithable.


With a unique combination of skills and alternative education, some brought along through generations of ancestors, Agnieszka can see deeper when she looks at your face and body. She can help you see what is going on with you on the subconscious level by looking at your face and body.


Agnieszka has been working to develop a deep understanding of human nature. There are energies and patterns, physical and emotional, that influence your well-being and your ability to shine every day. Your habitual patterns are written all over your body. When you find yourself experiencing stuckness in your life these habitual patterns may be at fault. They may even be affecting your ability to create your own happiness.


Are you dedicated to creating a world where you delight in living?


Are you living the life you want to live? Do you wake up energized and well-rested? These challenges can be assisted by shining a light on how you have been managing the energies and patterns within your body.


Through a deep study of a variety of coaching techniques, a 10-year exploration of Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Mind Analysis as taught by the Psychosomatic Therapy College of Australia... through connecting with her roots as a practitioner of Slavic Shamanism, Agnieszka has all the tools to help you shine today.


As a transformational coach, she will empower you with an understanding of how to dramatically shift your current barriers and make way for what you desire.

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