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Sovereign Life Skills Education For young people

We teach free classes to young people all around the world.  We are cultivating skills and knowledge in the next generation so that they grow up knowing how to not rely or obey a ruling class.

-stateless water (mini rainwater cater and RO education)

-stateless energy (jackery)

-arts and crafts (earthship bottle bricks)

-Ethics communication for teenagers (Candles In The Dark)

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The sovereign Life skills symposium is partnering with kid's camp (run by laura gasule and kristaps kaukis.

Sovereign Life Skills for Family Camp in 2024...

-Bottle Bricks/Eco Bricks

-Rainwater Catcher/Fountain Pump (Plumbing Parts: Reducers, supply and drain side)

-Jackery Class (Video of sunseeker app)

-Fountain Pump

-Candles In The Dark (For Younger People)

-Kid's View Cartoon

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